July 12, 2013

endless - the eternal remixes

ENDLESS - THE ETERNAL REMIXES is a new collection of reimagined versions of the songs from our most recent studio album ETERNAL. These new diverse remixes were created by a talented group of musicians, producers, remixers and DJs from around the world. The collection of 11 remixes will be available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and many other music outlets.

Track Listing:

1. Love Will Turn Your Head Around (Lovespirals Remix) by Lovespirals
2. Feel the Weight (Tyler Stone Remix) by Tyler Stone
3. Love Will Turn Your Head Around (DJ Puzzle Remix) by DJ Puzzle
4. Float Me (Celeste Lear Jet Remix) by Celeste Lear
5. Love Will Turn Your Head Around (Return to Mono Remix) by Andy Sybilrud
6. Epic (Return to Mono Remix) by Andy Sybilrud
7. Get Me Through Another Lonely Night (Uwe Holland Remix) by Uwe Holland
8. In a Little Bit (Urban Punks Remix) Urban Punks
9. Somewhat (Urban Punks Remix) Urban Punks
10. If Your Give it to Me (Mr. Alfa Remix) by Mr. Alfa
11. Into Each Life (Rainfall Remix) by Karmacoda

Please visit our MUSIC page to hear the new tracks!

Buy the album now on iTunes.

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